Different kind of holiday cheer emerges as locals see gas prices fall

Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 9:39 PM CST
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WYANDOTTE COUNTY, Kan. (KCTV) - Some days, a trip to the gas station can be a little rough on the pockets. This time around, however, it was better for people getting gas.

“Way more excited about it,” a customer named Justin Reilly said. “It’s been rough on the whole economy. People have been struggling to make ends meet.”

Nationally, the average cost of fuel is $3.52 per gallon. That’s down almost 23 cents from a month ago, according to Boston-based GasBuddy. The tech company showcases real-time fuel prices at gas stations across the country.

“Very pleasantly surprised, very surprised,” another customer, Dan Percival, said.

“I just got back from Chicago last night and they were still in the $4 range,” customer Cynthia Perez said. “So, I just saw the $3.09 and I was like, ‘Okay!’”

In some areas in Kansas and Missouri, gas has dropped below $3.

Just ask Rob Oltjen, who just got back from a trip to Manhattan, Kansas, to watch his Kansas State Wildcats.

“I don’t know how high they got in the Kansas City metro, but they’ve got pretty high,” he said. “Now, they are down. I saw on the way to Manhattan, it was $2.89 for gas on the way.”

GasBuddy experts say it’s possible the national average for gas can fall below $3 a gallon by Christmas.

Customers say that, as long as the price keeps going down, they’ll be happy.

“It would be good if it comes down for Christmas,” a customer named Abdul said. “It’s good.”

“Course, I liked it when it was $1.69,” a customer named Sam noted. “But, that will be good if it gets below $3. That’s 9 cents better.”

GasBuddy reports the lowest gas found in the Kansas City metro on the Missouri side is in Smithville at around $2.62. Meanwhile, on the Kansas side, it’s Leavenworth at around $2.81.