KCK police plans to review retired detective Roger Golubski’s old cases

Roger Golubski remains on home arrest while awaiting court proceedings on the federal charges he’s facing.
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 2:35 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 18, 2022 at 8:48 PM CST
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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KCTV) - The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department plans to help review all of retired detective Roger Golubski’s old cases.

It’s all part of a larger $1.7 million plan proposed Thursday by District Attorney Mark Dupree to digitize old police files involving Golubski’s old cases.

“The police department and DA are working on a plan to review his cases,” KCKPD Chief Oakman confirmed Friday. More details will be revealed at a media conference Monday afternoon.

It’s a proposal advocates say is long overdue and needs independent oversight.

The push for a more thorough review recently gained more traction with two sets of federal charges against Golubski in recent months. One set of charges is in connection with rape and kidnapping. Prosecutors say one victim was targeted in middle school.

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The other set of charges involves sex trafficking out of a Kansas City, Kansas, apartment complex. Prosecutors said Golubski directly participated and also provided police protection to the criminal enterprise.

Golubski served for more than 30 years for KCKPD. He became a captain and his former partner became the police chief. Both have since retired.

Advocates call for an independent investigation

“What we know is that abusers like Roger Golubski do not happen alone,” said Tricia Bushnell, director of the Midwest Innocence Project. “It’s an entire system that has empowered and enabled him.”

Bushnell has expressed the need for an independent investigation so the community will trust the results.

“We absolutely believe it has to be an outside independent review,” Bushnell said, “If what we want is trust in the system, we need full truth and reconciliation. So, we need an independent agency to come in. We have requested the Department of Justice come in to do what’s called a pattern practice investigation, to really look at all these cases.”

Attorneys who have investigated Golubski as part of criminal and civil lawsuits question what exactly is a “Golubski investigation.”

“Golubski wielded his influence in many ways – contributing tips from so-called nameless informants, sharing bogus information with a fellow detective, or discouraging the investigation of a target with whom he had a favored or illicit relationship. Because Golubski’s influence in the detective bureau was pervasive, any meaningful review of his cases must include the input and involvement of an outside partner, such as the Midwest Innocence Project,” said civil rights attorney, Cheryl Pilate.

Allegations attract nationwide attention

Allegations of police corruption and abuse attracted nationwide attention when Lamonte McIntyre was exonerated. McIntyre spent 23 years in prison for a KCK double homicide he did not commit. He was released 5 years ago. Many advocates and accusers question why more hasn’t been done sooner and question who all knew about Golubski’s behavior.

“Everybody who didn’t say anything, didn’t speak up when this man was doing what he was doing, is just as guilty,” said Lamonte McIntyre. “Everybody who sits back and watched, they’re just as guilty, they’re not innocent!”

Civil rights attorney Lindsay Runnels argued problems are not from the past, she pointed out the consequences are in the present.

“Many of those wrongfully convicted in Golubski’s tenure remain in prison!” said Runnels.

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Team Roc got involved in the case more than a year ago when it filed a lawsuit against KCKPD. The organization is fighting for records and has launched a website seeking information.

The Midwest Innocence Project has set up a hotline for anyone with information. The hotline is 816-673-3373 or you can email kckjustice@themip.org.

Golubski remains on home arrest while awaiting court proceedings on the federal charges he’s facing.

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