New court filing details allegations of rape, abuse, suicide attempts at Missouri’s Agapè Boarding School

We are getting an eye-opening look at horrific allegations at Missouri's Agapè Boarding School.
We are getting an eye-opening look at horrific allegations at Missouri's Agapè Boarding School.(KCTV5 News)
Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 7:39 PM CST
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STOCKTON, Mo. (KCTV) - A new filing asks a judge to allow putative damages for a former student at Agapè Boarding School.

Agapè Boarding Schools has been the focus of lawsuits and criminal investigations. The Missouri attorney general is asking a judge to shut it down.

It the meantime, the school’s website promises parents they teach and reinforce “proper behavior, responsibility, and strong goals in life; turning self-centered boys into responsible and mature young men. We love the angry and sometimes unlovable boys who need a new perspective, counsel, and mentoring.”

Court documents outline numerous allegations that conflict with that mission statement.

Inside are allegations of students needing medical treatment inside hospitals for injuries and doctors being lied to about the circumstances.

A student referred to as R.B. says he attempted suicide 15-20 times during his nearly six years at Agape due to constant abuse. The filing calls suicide attempts a “pandemic among students.”

The motion quotes the testimony of 11 students who describe horrific abuse. Several cases include allegations of rape and sodomy. Students’ claims describe broken noses and injuries from being placed in handcuffs or restraints for days.

One student describes “brown town,” where he was reportedly struck in the head with rebar by a staff member, and then struck in the head with basketballs as a form of discipline.

J.M. testified staff withheld food, and she had to compete for access to water.

Five students accuse staff members of forcing them to go cold turkey on medication and claim they were told, “God would fix them.”

Another student describes having his shorts pulled down by staff members and then “something was forced up his anus by the staff, causing him to pass out.”

An attorney who represents Agapè provided this statement: