Roger Golubski, others accused in sex trafficking at KCK apartment complex

Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 12:25 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 14, 2022 at 3:31 PM CST
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WARNING: The story contains graphic content.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KCTV) - Disturbing details filed in federal court reveal an alleged sex trafficking operation at an apartment complex.

Former Kansas City, Kansas Police Department Det. Roger Golubski, along with Cecil Brooks, Lemark Roberson and Richard Robinson, were charged in a grand jury indictment of conspiracy against rights and two counts of involuntary servitude.

Victims alleged multiple accounts of rape and sexual abuse, along with kidnapping and threatening of teen girls between Jan. 1, 1996, and Dec. 31, 1998, at the Delevan Townhomes Apartments.

According to the indictment, Brooks operated the apartment complex and “selected young girls who were runaways, who were recently released from Beloit Juvenile Correctional Facility, and/or who came from broken homes, and moved these girls into Delevan with intent to use them in his criminal activities, including sex trafficking.”

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Brooks used one of the apartments as an office and stored guns, drugs and cash used for criminal acts, the document alleged. The “office” unit had locks inside and outside the door, and it would also be used for meetings “to further criminal activities, including meetings with defendant Roger Golubski.” Girls held in the room ranged from 13-17 years old, the court record stated.

A victim told the grand jury she was a teen recently released from the Beloit correctional center and her mom had died by suicide. LeMark Roberson raped her in “the office unit” and threatened her, the victim alleged. She said he beat her multiple times with a closed fist.

Former Kansas City, Kansas Police Department Det. Roger Golubski was charged in a grand jury...
Former Kansas City, Kansas Police Department Det. Roger Golubski was charged in a grand jury indictment of conspiracy against rights and two counts of involuntary servitude.(KCTV5)

The victim also detailed that while Roberson was in jail for a time, Brooks told her she was not to leave the apartment complex, talk to any other men or smile at them. She said that though she complied, Brooks told Roberson she had smiled at another man. Roberson hit the victim with an iron, dragged her down a staircase pulling her hair and struck her repeatedly. During the alleged assault, “Brooks observed and laughed,” the document stated.

The victim told Richard “Bone” Robinson she wanted to escape, but he would not let her. As she suffered abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, he would not let her leave the apartment complex and go to a hospital, the document stated.

According to the indictment, the victim escaped the apartment complex in October 1997, went to a hospital and was diagnosed as suffering from an 8-week ectopic pregnancy and iron deficiency anemia.

One of the units at the Delevan apartments was designated as a relaxed area where young girls used drugs and alcohol, the document alleged. Another unit was called the “working house,” where the teen girls were forced to perform sexual services. The indictment accused Brooks, Roberson and Robinson of providing girls drugs who were already suffering from addiction. The three beat the teen girls who did not provide sexual services in exchange for shelter, drugs or clothes.

The grand jury indictment alleged Golubski provided protection to the other three named in the court filing. It even detailed one instance of Brooks handing the former detective a bundle of money through Golubski’s car window while he was parked outside the apartment complex.

Prosecutors alleged that Golubski “primarily chose young Black girls, ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old, to submit to sex and to provide sexual services to him.”

A second victim in the indictment also said Golubski raped her.

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If convicted of any of the charges, the defendants could face a life term in prison because they involve sexual abuse and kidnapping, the document concluded.

Golubski’s attorney, Christopher Joseph, provided this response to KCTV5:

“Roger maintains his innocence and looks forward to clearing his name from these decades-old and uncorroborated allegations.”