Sharice Davids, Amanda Adkins weigh in just before Election Day

Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 10:12 PM CST
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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. (KCTV) - We are less than 24 hours away from polls opening for Election Day, with several locally interesting races in both Kansas and Missouri.

With less than two hours until Election Day, both candidates for the highly contested Kansas 3rd District seat -- Democratic incumbent Sharice Davids and Republican candidate Amanda Adkins -- are feeling good.

“I actually feel a bit more of a calmness before the storm. So, everybody keeps asking, ‘How do you feel today?’ and I’m like, ‘I feel good.’ We are just putting one foot in front of the next and making sure we are running through the tape,” Davids said.

“The journey over the last couple of years has just been great. I’m honored to be the Republican candidate. My team and all these people in the room with me have worked so hard, especially in recent months, and we feel very good about a victory tomorrow,” Adkins said.

This year features a rematch of the 2020 race between the pair, which resulted in a victory for Davids.

She feels issues like infrastructure, the economy, and abortion are top-of-mind for voters in the district.

“At the same time that I’ll be talking to a farmer about fertilizer being three to five times more expensive this year than it was last year, in the same conversation I have had farmers bring up the issue of Roe being overturned and the impact that might have on their family,” Davids said.

When reporters asked Adkins about the abortion issue and the impact it will have on the race, she said that -- based on the voters she spoke with in the district -- they are mostly concerned about pocketbook issues like the economy and inflation.

“You’ve heard me say many times that an average household is hit roughly $8,800. That is a ton of money for the same goods and services for most families. And Sharice Davids, her votes have contributed to that and now we have rising interest rates,” Adkins said.

Adkins said she’ll also be focused on making sure the southern border is secure, cutting down on drugs and crimes in the community, as well as the national debt and budget reforms.

Davids said she’ll continue to work to better the economy, boost domestic manufacturing, address supply chain issues, as well as Medicare and drug costs.

“This country is not on a great path and we need change. And, I’m a changemaker candidate, which is why I’m confident we are marching toward victory tomorrow,” Adkins said.

“I know that our district deserves a representative that’s going to continue to listen to the voices of this district, and take our issues and our concerns and our successes out to D.C.,” Davids said.