Disgraced former KCK detective Roger Golubski denies involvement in murder investigation that sent 2 men to prison

Published: Oct. 24, 2022 at 5:25 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KCTV) - Cousins convicted in the 1997 murder of Greg Miller are hoping information presented at a hearing in Wyandotte County will help prove their claims of innocence.

Brian Betts and Celester McKinney are serving life sentences for the murder. Both have always maintained their innocence. During their trials more than 20 years ago, their uncle Carter Betts testified that he saw them with guns the night of the murder. That uncle later recanted, claiming he was pressured by detectives to give false testimony or he would be charged with the murder.

At the hearing today, Carter Betts identified a photo of former KCK detective Roger Golubski as one of those detectives who pressured him to point to his nephews. He told the judge that the white detective with the mustache threatened, “I’m going to make you suffer, and your family suffer.”

He also claims the detectives gave him information about the case to make his testimony credible, including the type of weapon used in the killing.

Golubski is facing federal charges connected to rape and kidnapping, but he’s also accused of fixing murder cases out of revenge. In the courtroom today, Golubski denied any involvement in the case. He told the court, “It belonged to two other detectives.”

Golubski testified that he knew the victim, but the two were not close.

However, the murder victim was the nephew of Golubski’s wife.

Attorneys for Betts and McKinney say Golubski’s connection cannot be denied. They argue Golubski was a part of the case, even if he wasn’t officially assigned to it. Attorneys say there is no physical evidence tying their clients to the murder. And, that witnesses gave “wildly different versions” of what happened to police.

Families and supporters of the convicted men have argued for years that Golubski had a role in their convictions.

“His name didn’t just come about,” said Ellen Betts, Brian’s mother. “Brian and Les have been saying his name for the last 23 years or more.”

However, the family of Greg Miller is also fighting — to keep Betts and McKinney locked up. Ethel Spencer, Miller’s aunt and Golubski’s ex-wife, believes the right men were convicted in the case.

Miller’s family has started a Change.org petition with the headline: Do not Set These Cowards Free. They say the convicted men are trying to use Golubski to have their convictions get another look.

“You took my nephew’s life,” Spencer said to KCTV5 in a phone interview. “He’s doing life underground. You got charged with life. Do your time for doing your crime!”

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