Businesses support Excelsior Springs police as investigation continues

Published: Oct. 9, 2022 at 10:55 PM CDT
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CLAY COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- Excelsior Springs Police are continuing to investigate an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault.

Inside the Casey’s General store in Excelsior Springs, it’s business as usual, but just minutes down the road an active crime scene.

“It’s been a little crazy around here,” says Megan Kincaid the Manager of Casey’s General store and local resident.

Police in Excelsior Springs are continuing to investigate a reported kidnapping and sexual assault that was launched Friday.

That morning police say a woman began banging on people’s doors and told witnesses she escaped a home in the city.

Timothy Haslett Jr. was taken into custody and is being charged with first degree rape, kidnapping and second-degree assault.

Police have been focusing on a house in the 300 block of Old Orchard Avenue, a home Kincaid lives nearby and is familiar with.

“We’ve delivered pizzas to that house several times, never thought twice about it. It’s just a close community and nobody thinks anything of it until something like this happens,” says Kincaid.

As police have been working at all hours out at the scene, Kincaid decided she was going to do what she could to help.

“We figured if they are working nonstop so they are not stopping to go home and get a plate of dinner or breakfast in the morning,” says Kincaid.

So, Kincaid and her Casey’s employees began providing free pizzas and donuts for those helping with the investigation.

A generous gesture that several people and businesses in the area have started to do to show appreciation for their hard work.

“They have a hard job, there’s a lot of sketchy things that go on not just here but everywhere and they are doing it day and night. Missing their families, Christmas, Thanksgiving, whereas we get to sit home and close down our stores so, thank you guys,” says Kincaid.

Police have opened back up the roads surrounding the property they’ve been searching.

Authorities say numerous items have been recovered from the residence and the process of examining and evaluating those items will begin this week, to determine if any other crimes may have been committed.