2 imprisoned men swear they’re innocent, blame former KCK detective Roger Golubski for convictions

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 5:38 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KCTV) - Two men convicted of murder are going back to court in hopes of gaining a new evidentiary hearing. They say disgraced Kansas City, Kansas, police detective Roger Golubski has some connection to the case and had a hand in sending the pair to prison.

Golubski faces federal charges related to rape and kidnapping, but for years there have been accusations that Golubski “fixed” murder cases for revenge.

The murder victim, Greg Miller, was shot 18 times about a block from his KCK home. He was left to die on the street. Miller was Roger Golubski’s nephew by marriage.

Brian Betts and Celester McKinney are cousins. They were convicted in separate trials of first-degree murder. They’re serving life sentences.

Convicted men’s family wants them freed

“We’re looking for them to be freed!” said Patricia McCoy, McKinney’s mother. “That’s the goal, is for them to be freed. The corruption here is horrible!”

Supporters of Betts and McKinney gathered in front of the Wyandotte County courthouse Tuesday, drawing attention to their case.

Golubski’s name isn’t on any of the reports in connection with the investigation. However, at the hearing, a judge will determine if Roger Golubski was involved in the case. If it’s determined that he was, then did that involvement lead to pressured testimony?

“[Golubski’s] name just didn’t come up,” said Ellen Betts, Betts’ mother. “Brian and Les have been saying his name for the last 23 years or more.”

KCTV5′s investigative team recently visited the crime scene with McKinney’s attorney.

“We have a murder [conviction] with no physical evidence,” said Sarah Swain. She says an uncle, Carter Betts, was pressured to wrongly testify his nephews were involved in the killings. She says Carter Betts was threatened: “We’re going to charge you with this if you don’t give us them.”

Carter Betts recanted his testimony shortly after the trial.

This case has renewed attention now that Golubski faces federal charges.

Victim’s family says the right men are in prison

However, the family of the murder victim says the right killers are in prison and pointing the finger at Golubski now is a literal cop out.

They’ve started a change petition, the headline reads, “Do not set these cowards free.” It goes on to say that the “family is trying to use the situation with then Detective Roger Golubski for his benefit.”

“You took my nephew’s life,” Ethel Spencer says of the men. She’s Greg Miller’s aunt and Roger Golubski’s ex-wife.

“He (Miller) is doing life underground,” said Spencer. “You got charged with life. Do your time for doing your crime!”

Spencer says Golubski did not work Miller’s murder case.

In a statement, Miller’s sister said:

Déjà Vu all over again

Lamonte McIntyre supports the convicted men. He served 23 years in prison before being exonerated in 2017. He blames Golubski for his conviction.

He also crossed paths with the cousins and remembers them since he was the prison barber. He describes McKinney as funny and a good ball player, and recalls Betts being academic and interested in helping fellow prisoners with their legal cases.

He feels the connections to Golubski warrant a second look.

“To not look at it at this point? Come on,” said McIntyre. “It’s criminal at this point because you know who is involved. You can’t act like it’s not there. It’s there!”

McIntyre’s case made national news and led to a multimillion-dollar settlement.

Think about it. They aren’t asking for anything out of the ordinary. They are just asking for justice like everybody else,” said McIntyre. “They see the player or person responsible for this investigation is tainted. Everything he said, everything he did. We don’t know what this man did. I was sitting there for a long time, and they didn’t believe me either.”

Many others are calling for Wyandotte District Attorney Mark Dupree to address serious allegations of widespread corruption. They want a full review of all of Golubski’s cases.

“What else do we got to wait for, Dupree?” asked Eric Calvin, another supporter. “Our people are doing time! They did time for a crime they did not commit!”

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