Roger Golubski speaks with KCTV5 from his Edwardsville home

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 7:05 PM CDT
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EDWARDSVILLE, Kan. (KCTV) - Roger Golubski, a former KCK detective facing federal charges, is awaiting trial at his home.

When a KCTV5 crew knocked on his door, Golubski answered. He directed all questions to his defense attorney, Tom Lemon.

On Monday, Judge Rachel Schwartz denied a request to keep Golubski in jail until the start of his trial.

Prosecutors had filed the request, claiming that he was “more dangerous—not less—today.” They stated their investigation has brought to light Golubski’s tendencies to keep “tabs” on and threaten his victims. They also pointed out he faces a potential life sentence.

Lemon had countered that Golubski’s poor health meant he would not pose a risk to his accusers or community members.

Lemon said Golubski suffered from heart problems, diabetes, and renal failure that required dialysis several times per week. He also claimed Golubski would not receive proper medical care while in jail.

John T Davis, a former federal prosecutor, explained that Schwartz had likely been following a set of criteria to determine whether to detain Golubski. Davis called the accusations against the former officer “compelling.”

“There was the threat of violence, the use of a gun. There was actual violence,” Davis said.

However, he also said that Schwartz had likely followed the law closely when determining that Golubski’s health was too poor to represent a real threat.

“I understand the outrage that some families or the public may be feeling,” he said. “But, in the end, the rule of law has to rule the day.”

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