Oak Grove reeling after recent fentanyl overdoses

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 7:22 PM CDT
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OAK GROVE, Mo. (KCTV) - Oak Grove High School has started the school year with four fentanyl overdoses. Three happened just in the last week.

It’s an alarming trend that has much of the small-town community concerned.

Carson Moppin was just 16 years old. He was one day away from starting his junior year at Oak Grove High School.

“Like a typical teenager, he was still asleep at noon. So, I went to go wake him up and he was unresponsive. I jumped on top of him and [performed] CPR,” his mother Tammy Moppin said.

It was too late and was just the beginning of several scares among Carson’s classmates.

Last week, three of his friends had fentanyl overdoses.

“Two of the three children came to his funeral, saw him in his casket, talked to me, promised their parents they wouldn’t do it anymore,” Moppin said.

Carson’s mother can’t believe the loss of her son was not enough of a wakeup call. So, she’s using her voice and her heartbreak to advocate for change and accountability.

Moppin said, “There’s so much stigmatism and, ‘Oh, people are going to judge you.’ I don’t care. My kid was the most important thing to me and he’s gone. I don’t want any other mother to feel like this. Your kid shouldn’t die. We have to protect them. We have to protect them from themselves sometimes.”

As for the person who handed her son the pills, which took his life away at just 16 years old:

“It’s not worth an extra dollar for you to kill a kid,” Moppin said. “I hope you see this and I hope you know that my kid died because of what you gave him.”

We also spoke with the Oak Grove police chief, who is asking students to report any information they have about the origins of these overdoses.

Also, if students want to get rid of such pills, they can safely dispose of them at the police department with no questions asked.