Overland Park man who botched autopsies sentenced to prison for wire fraud

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 4:14 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Shawn Parcells will serve 69 months in a federal prison for wire fraud in a case even the judge openly called “unusually bizarre.”

Parcells was the relentless focus of a KCTV5 investigation as our reporting revealed nationwide complaints and a lack of medical credentials.

Investigators said Parcells pretended to be a doctor and botched autopsies across the nation.

While Parcells was convicted for the money transfers, even the prosecutor argued, “Money isn’t the point here.”

Families told horror stories of trying to find out why loved ones died and Parcells robbing them of any chance at real answers.

A mother testified about her 2-day-old baby, several families questioned if deaths were really suicides, others related to criminal investigations.

At least two families accuse Shawn Parcells of losing their loved ones’ brains.

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One woman told the court the body parts returned to her had the wrong medical identification number on a hip replacement.

Parcells says there’s no excuse for what he did but offered an explanation- he was addicted to Oxycontin and told the court he’s in drug treatment and counseling trying to understand why he inflated his credentials and lied to families.

Pamela Padilla wasn’t interested in excuses. She’s been hearing them for years since the death of her mother. She paid Parcells thousands of dollars and never received an autopsy report. She questions if the ashes sent to her home are actual human remains.

“It’s been hard because I haven’t been able to give my family answers. And that’s the worst part — the unanswered questions,” Pamela Padilla said. “There are no words to describe it. I know there are movies out there, horror movies that I don’t watch.”

Parcells is required to have a full mental health evaluation and continue his drug treatment program and counseling. The judge’s sentence forbids him from ever working in health care or any occupation in the medical field.

Parcells told the judge he plans to pursue a career in aviation and mentioned the FAA in his allocation. He also apologized to the victims and his own family.

Parcells’ wife and daughters spoke on his behalf today describing Parcells as a good person with a bad addiction. They said he’s not the monster he’s been made out to be.

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