Police hope reconstruction results can bring recognition in 38-year-old cold case

Detectives with the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department’s Cold Case Unit have released...
Detectives with the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department’s Cold Case Unit have released results of the facial reconstruction of the victim in a nearly 40 year-old homicide.(KCKPD)
Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 2:33 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Decomposed remains of an unidentified female were discovered in a wooded, residential area in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, on April 26, 1984.

Nearly 40 years later, law enforcement is hoping technological advances can help solve the cold case.

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department’s Cold Case Unit released results of a facial reconstruction of the victim on Thursday.

The victim had been found near Glenrose and Woodend lanes, estimated the victim to have died anytime from 1-6 months before her remains were discovered. Detectives stated she likely went missing to have been between the fall of 1983 to the spring of 1984.

A release stated forensic anthropologists were able to develop an image and profile of the victim, suggesting she was about 20-25 years old with dark brown hair. Bone structure suggests that she was white or possibly mixed race with Native American, Asian, or Hispanic ancestry, police stated.

“The first step in solving any homicide is identifying the victim,” Detective Jeffrey Irwin, KCKPD Cold Case Unit, said in a release. “In 1984 the few leads detectives received, even after distributing the reconstruction to law enforcement agencies, lead nowhere. Whether it was fear of retribution from the killer or the possibility she was killed in another state and then dumped here; we do not know. We do however know that today our victim would likely be in her late 50s to mid-60s, meaning there is likely someone out there that knew, and can recognize her.”

Anyone who recognizes the victim, is aware of a missing woman fitting the profile during the same time frame or has any other information related to this case has been asked to contact the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department Cold Case Unit at coldcase@kckpd.org or call the TIPS Hotline 816-474-TIPS (8477).