FORECAST: Get outdoors, take advantage of some beautiful Monday weather

Mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies will be common with temperatures reaching into the low 80s.
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 4:41 AM CDT
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Looks like Kansas City and the surrounding area lucked out for the next few days. High pressure continues to build throughout the region, which is suppressing any major moisture train from lifting into the viewing area. Any new storm system is far off for the city. So, we enjoy beautiful weather today. It’s definitely going to be an afternoon to be outdoors. Mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies will be common, with temperatures reaching into the low 80s.

We expect to be about 4 to 6° below average this afternoon with wind out of the northeast mainly around 5 mph. The UV index today is very high, so if you do anticipate being outdoors for over a half-hour at a time slapping on sunscreen will be a good idea. We will continue with mainly clear and mild conditions through Tuesday with temperatures slightly warming to the mid-80s. Which will be more seasonal for us. Overnight lows will continue to remain in the low 60s which is ideal to open up the windows and shut off your AC unit.

By Wednesday however, high pressure begins to shift more towards the east allowing an inflow of gulf moisture from the south. This will allow us to climb temperatures back into the lower 90s and slowly filter in humidity. Wednesday afternoon, we don’t expect our heat index to be extreme. However, low 90 air temperatures will result in the mid-90s for our heat index. By Thursday, the summer says it returns. A frontal boundary system develops to the west and north and slowly tracks into the central plains adding in surging more moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.

Low 90s will come in Thursday afternoon with partly cloudy skies but your heat index will range between 97 and 102°. By Friday, we begin to interact with a frontal boundary from the north and west. Chances for shower and thunderstorm activity are around 30% by the end of the day and transitioning into the overnight. Unfortunately, at this time, the best rain chances are expected this Saturday.

The timing of the storm activity sits within the midafternoon and continues to mid-evening with an opportunity for isolated showers into Sunday morning. This means we may have some wet weather issues for the Fourth of July weekend celebrations. on an actual day the fourth, skies are expected to clear. Still, the heat remains within the lower 90s with small opportunities for isolated showers redeveloping Tuesday and Wednesday as we begin to see signs of a new storm system.