Pedestrian struck and killed near I-435 and Truman

Published: May. 25, 2022 at 4:26 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - A pedestrian was struck and killed Wednesday afternoon on Truman Road at I-435.

Authorities have responded to the area, closing off the Truman Road exit from I-435. The incident seemed to happen near where the interstate crosses over Truman.

According to KCPD, this incident started as police tried to stop a stolen vehicle near Independence and Topping. The suspect vehicle, a black truck, rammed a police car before fleeing. Police attempted to peruse the vehicle, but it entered onto 435 going southbound in the northbound lanes. Because it was too dangerous to keep perusing, police discontinue the chase.

About 45 seconds later, according to police, a KCPD officer found the scene on Truman underneath the I-435 overpass. The stolen car hit and ran over a pedestrian, killing them.

Two people fled from the car. The passenger, an adult female, was taken into custody. The driver, an adult male, is still on the run. Police are currently looking for the driver in a nearby wooded area. They have deployed police dogs and the KCPD helicopter to aid in the search.

The I-435 Northbound exit to Truman Road is currently closed as police investigate.

UPDATE: On Thursday, the pedestrian who died was identified as 44-year-old Ronald E. Campbell. Also, the police said they have identified a person of interest as part of their search for the driver, but that he is not in custody yet.