Man arrested after allegedly assaulting and torturing woman for 2 days

Published: May. 16, 2022 at 7:51 PM CDT
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PLATTSBURGH, Mo. – The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating reports of woman who was assaulted and tortured for two days.

It happened on Saturday when a 911 call came from a home on Southeast Apache Road in Lake Arrowhead.

Thirty nine-year-old James Larson, Jr. was arrested and is awaiting charges in the Clinton County Jail.

The woman told investigators she was held against her will, assaulted and tortured for two days.

“The victim’s been able to talk to our detectives but we’re still trying to get some of those bits and pieces put together,” said Major Trevor Ballard, Public Information Officer with Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

Ballard said the incident is being investigated as a serious crime.

“Smashed the windows, I got glass right there,” said James Larson, Senior.

Larson told KCTV5 his son James Jr. was arrested at his home Saturday morning. He said he first met the victim Friday night, but then left to visit his grandkids.

“I came back it was sideways crazy,” said Larson.

He said on Saturday morning as he was working in his garage, he heard screaming from the son and the woman. He also said he tried several times to get her to leave.

“I told her how to get out of here and where to go – just go don’t look back. Just go make sure you get out of here. She did not want to leave,” said Larson Sr.

Eventually he found the woman badly injured. He got her out of the house and she ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

“I wanted to call the cops,” Larson Sr. said. “It probably would have been a better decision.”

He said James Jr. struggles with substance abuse. He recently got out of prison and came home to help his father. After this, Larson Sr. said he wants nothing to do with his son.

“I was hoping, I was hoping that he learned his lesson,” Larson Sr. said. “This is not the way I was raised, this is not the way I want to raise my children.”

Investigators are still trying to determine the connection between James, Jr. and the victim. Investigators said she is not from Clinton County.