Granddaughter wants answers in grandmother’s death, hopes new murder charges will lead to the truth

Published: May. 10, 2022 at 5:43 PM CDT
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LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mo. (KCTV) - Aprille Franco’s latest Facebook post begs people to call police if they’ve seen the medical professional who took care of her grandma 20 years ago.

That’s because a warrant has been issued for Jennifer Hall. Police haven’t located her yet. Her last known address is Overland Park.

Jennifer Hall is wanted out of Livingston County for first degree murder charges.
Jennifer Hall is wanted out of Livingston County for first degree murder charges.(KCTV5)

It’s a case that haunted numerous families in the Chillicothe area for decades. Fern Franco actually died back in 2002. Her family is haunted by the lack of answers and accountability.

“My dad wanted answers so we could finally put flowers on her grave knowing someone is responsible for this,” Franco said.

Franco’s death is outlined in charging documents as one of a string of suspicious deaths which occurred during a three-month period.

Probable cause statement against Jennifer Hall.
Probable cause statement against Jennifer Hall.(KCTV5)

Prosecutors argue Franco was sick and defenseless. They say an autopsy revealed medications which paralyzed her diaphragm and were not prescribed.

Probable cause statement against Jennifer Hall
Probable cause statement against Jennifer Hall(KCTV5)

“I didn’t know my grandma. But given the chance I may have known her. Right now, I’m focused on getting answers and helping other families get the answers they deserve,” Franco said.

The charging documents say medical staff believed Jennifer Hall is responsible, “because of her proximity to patients, access to pharmaceuticals and her discovery of every patient’s cardiac emergency.”

The probable cause statement lists all witnesses by initials. The Chillicothe Police Officer who wrote it says that’s because they all expressed “fear for their lives and they safety of their families if Hall were to discover their names and personal information.”

“She’s not a dangerous criminal”

Hall’s attorney, Matt O’Connor questions the timing of the new charges in such an old case. He says his client lacked access to the drugs- they were kept under lock and key.

“None of it adds up to any evidence whatsoever,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor said that Hall has also been sick with Leukemia. He said she plans to surrender herself to police.

“She’s not on the run or a dangerous criminal. She’s been leading a normal suburban life for the last 20 years,” O’Connor said.