As temperatures climb, so does the demand for AC maintenance

Published: May. 9, 2022 at 6:51 PM CDT
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MISSION, Ks. (KCTV) - As the heat hits the Kansas City Metro, business is warming up for the HVAC industry.

“I have a technician I can send your way,” said the dispatcher at Mission Plumping, Heating and Cooling.

The phones have been ringing non-stop Monday and his business is off the charts.

“Yes, this is everything we have pending for today,” said Adam Danielson, Plumbing technician.

Since the heat hit, Danielson’s been on the move.

“It was night and day completely, the heat was coming we were waiting for it and here it is,” said Adam.

The heat here for week and expected to hit in the 90′s this week. Many people are turning to air conditioning to stay cool, but some of the units are not exactly fit to run.

“So our HVAC service people are out doing their tune-ups or what not and we have sales team as well that goes out and assesses outs and gives bids for replacement systems,” said Adam.

Those repairs can be costly. Danielson said the best way to avoid that bill is by being proactive with regular maintenance.

“That’s very important for every system, changing your filters, stuff like that making sure it’s operating properly, just like your car would be,” said Danielson.

He also said it’s a good idea to keep HVAC units up to date.

“Everything gets more and more efficient. So say, if you have something from 15 years ago, it’s going to be night and day savings and efficiency ratings,” said Adam.

Danielson recommends going high tech when it comes to temperature control.

“I like the newer style especially the WIFI ones because you can control it when you’re away from home,” said Adam.

Danielson also recommends keeping AC units on during the day on hot days. He said if you wait to turn it on when you get home, the system will not be able to catch up and you’re home will not cool down properly.