Business owners concerned after deadly crash near 31st and Troost

Published: May. 2, 2022 at 6:40 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Two people are dead after a vehicle crash overnight in Kansas City.

Police say it happened at the intersection of 31st and Troost near the community business Thelma’s Kitchen.

Just after midnight the team at Reconciliation Services, which operates Thelma’s Kitchen on 31st and Troost, got a call they weren’t expecting.

“With the report that there was a car that was on fire in front of the building, there had been an accident,” says Jodi Mathews the Director of Marketing & Development for Reconciliation Services.

KCPD says at around 11 p.m. they were following, but not chasing, a gray Corvette which they had spotted speeding through Linwood Boulevard and Holmes.

Police say the vehicle had been driving against oncoming traffic to pass vehicles.

The car ended up crashing into a storage container at 31st and Troost, near Thelma’s Kitchen, a business that helps serve healthy meals for those in need.

Police say they tried to initially put out the fire and rescue those inside the vehicle but couldn’t.

It wasn’t until fire crews arrived that the fire was put out, and the discovery of a man and woman dead inside the vehicle.

“Obviously incredibly tragic that the two people lost their life in the accident,” says Mathews.

Mathews says she is breathing a sigh of relief that the incident happened when it did and not during a busier time.

“That bus stop in front of our building on Troost is an incredibly busy bus stop and often is full of people. If it were to happen during drop off time at Operation Breakthrough, if we had construction workers in the construction trailer that burned, could have been a lot worse,” says Mathews.

Thelma’s Kitchen is currently under renovation so they are not actively operating out of the building, but they are still trying to assess the damage from this accident, to see if it will have much impact.

With the overnight incident, Mathews says it brings to light an even bigger issue.

“We have seen a lot of really bad accidents on that corner over the last ten years, tends to be a very fast thoroughfare especially down 31st street,” says Mathews.

As the area continues to develop, Mathews grows more and more concerned.

“All up and down 31st street there is construction, it’s not just the construction site at our building and if that doesn’t slow people down, I don’t know what will,” says Mathews.

We have been told officials who operate Thelma’s Kitchen have already been in contact today with city councilmembers to try to figure out solutions to make this intersection and area safer.