Another extension possible as KC Streetcar looks north

Burlington Street in North Kansas City is one of the two potential options for a streetcar extension up north
Published: Apr. 27, 2022 at 5:57 PM CDT
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CLAY COUNTY, Mo. (KCTV) - Progress is continuing to be made in extending the Kansas City Streetcar 3.5 miles from the River Market to the UMKC campus by 2025.

What many might not know is there might be another extension in the works.

Pizza Tascio is one of the new kids on the North Kansas City, Burlington block.

“We opened January 21st, so we are just a little over three months,” said Gian Lombardino, the manager of Pizza Tascio.

In that short period of time, they’ve introduced the Kansas City metro to their take on the famous New York slice.

“Very busy from the beginning,” said Lombardino. “I’d say almost a little more than we expected for this area. So, we’ve been very happy with it so far.”

That business may just keep increasing, as Burlington Street in North Kansas City is one of the two potential options for a streetcar extension up north

“Right now, we are asking the community to look at some alternatives. A streetcar route on Burlington versus a streetcar route on Swift, and how does that connect on the Heart of America Bridge? And how does that connect south of the river?” said Donna Mandelbaum, the communications director for Kansas City Streetcar Authority.

“It would be great for business, just because we would get a lot more customers coming in from the downtown area heading North,” said Lombardino.

Streetcar officials encourage people to provide feedback on whether they prefer the extension on Swift or Burlington. You can do so by going on the KC Streetcar website and leaving a comment right on their interactive map.

Whether the line runs right past Pizza Tascio or neighboring Swift, it’s being looked at as a positive regardless.

“It’s not going to be just great for us,” Lombardino said. “It’s going to be great for every other local, small business and all the other businesses around North Kansas City. So, it’s more of a win-win, just more people getting to come down to this area.”

Once again, this is in the early stages but officials ask you to provide your feedback by May 13.