Basketball fans crowd Power & Light District despite snow

Published: Mar. 10, 2022 at 5:59 PM CST
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - A winter storm didn’t chill the party at Power & Light Thursday.

Tens of thousands of fans crowded the district to cheer on men’s and women’s teams, bundling up for pep rallies and splashing through puddles.

Deb Martin didn’t seem to mind the cold as she crossed the street to the T-Mobile Center for KU’s game against West Virginia.

“We’ll be warm once we get inside,” she said.

Martin was pleased with the cleared streets and sidewalks downtown. She said she was surprised that she hadn’t had any problems parking or walking around downtown.

Still, the large snowflakes falling behind the KU pep band during a pep rally were different than her previous tournament experiences.

“It’s usually so warm and festive,” she said. “You’re not normally getting snow in your beer.”

Most of the fan experiences outside Power & Light were closed.

Chris Pheran, an organizer for the Big12 BigQ barbecue showcase, shoveled snow off the tables near the exhibit area. He was hopeful the snow would clear in time to hold tastings later in the afternoon. Regardless, he said the pitmasters would return Friday and Saturday to enjoy the rest of the week.

“I’ve been out here in shorts before,” he said. “I’ve been out here in a windbreaker. But today, I’ve got three to four layers on.”

By afternoon fans celebrated KU’s win over West Virginia. They stayed near the district’s heaters and warm restaurants, enjoying the rest of a snowy day.

“It’s always fun down here,” Martin said.