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Scoot your commute! Here are the 9 best electric scooters on the market

By Patrick Daniels

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best electric scooters ecoreco s5

As of now, the grid and recharging stations needed to support tens of millions of electric cars on ourhighways and byways is years away. In the meantime, however, there is a wealth ofelectric scooters availableto help you minimize your carbon footprint and reduce your greenhouse emissions. Plus, unlike electric cars, these electric scooters come with a lower price tag, and many of them can be readily used in most jurisdictions without having to purchase an insurance policy. Below are a few of our favorites, from Jetson to Electric Works.

Razor EcoSmart Metro ($369)

razor eco

The EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is a refined, practical version of the first-generation Razor. Released last year, recent price cuts have brought it down to under $400, and it’s the cheapest model on our list. A 500-watt motor provides plenty of pop and a top speed of 18 miles per hour, while the sleek bamboo deck, adjustable seat, and removable luggage carrier add a welcome touch of style and pragmatism.

Therather limited max distance of 10 miles per charge and a daunting recharge time of up 12 hours are both glaring cons, but it’s hard to expect more from a scooter at this price point. You might not be able to fingerwhipthe EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter as easily as itsfirst-gen counterpart, but getting around town will be much easier.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
18 mph10miles per charge12 hours500-watt67 pounds220 pounds

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Glion Dolly ($749)


Nowadays, many manufacturers tout the portability of their foldable scooters, yet, if said scooter weighs more than70 pounds, it really isn’t allthat“portable.” Thankfully, theGlion Dolly folds up nicely and weighs a cool26 pounds, rendering it a true portable. If carrying the Glion around isn’t your thing, the Dolly Model also comes equipped with a handle extension that’s built directly into the frame. Simply fold the scooter, extend the handle, and roll the scooter behind you like a piece of traditional luggage. The Glion’s 250-watt motor might not provide a lot of power, but the scooter’s durable aluminum frame, 15-mile range, and low recharge time (3.5 hours) are all pros for this practical option.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
15 mph15 miles per charge3.5 hours250-watt26 pounds250 pounds

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Super Cycles Super Turbo 1000W Elite ($899)

Do our previous suggestions leave you wanting just a bit more? Then Super Cycles Super Turbo 1000W Elite should get you a bit more excited. With a 1,000-watt motor, you can attain top speeds of 26 mph — that is, depending on rider weight and the surrounding terrain — rendering the Super Tuber one of the faster scooters on our list. The Turbo 1oooW Elite also borrows considerably from motorcycle tech, and as such, it features key-based ignition, mono shocks, disc brakes, wide tires, and a twist throttle. There are also two modes, econo and turbo,meaning you can easily dial down the power if you’re looking to go a bit further. The maximum distance is a little disappointing when you consider the scooter’s robust battery capacity, but it’s a smalltrade-off for speed.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
26mph18 miles per chargeUp to 8 hours1,000-watt72 pounds250 pounds. + 300 pounds (w/ “hill kit”)

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Scrooser ($4,999+)

At nearly $5,000, the zero-emissions Scrooser isn’t cheap. However, the design of the Scrooser is one of the sleekest we’ve seen, one that should make for anequally smooth ride. The German-built scooter doesn’t break any land speed records — top speeds max out at 3.7, 12.4, or 15.5 mph, depending on your configuration — but a maximum range of 34 miles puts it at the top of our list. Charge time is pretty average for the 500-watt motor, coming in at around 2.5 to 4 hours, though you can can get it up to 80-percent strength in a mere two hours. Another interesting feature is the impulse motor that lies at the heart of the drive train, which is how you start the scooter. The more force you use to push off, the faster the Scrooser will go.The models configured for higher speeds even have a built-in throttle, which controls the electric motor with or without your help.Read more here.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
15.5mph30 miles per charge2.5-4 hours500-watt123 pounds (without battery)330 pounds

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GigaByke Groove ($1,400)


With a one of the longestranges on ourlist, the GigaByke Groove doesn’t intend to limit you toshort trips like some other scooters on the market. The nimble machine cantravelup to 35 miles on a single charge, yet,that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be burning rubber in the process — the Groove tops out at 20 mph given its ample 750-watt motor (probably to give you such great range, we’d think). An LED headlight, turn signals, digital speedometer are all addedperks for inner city commuters. If distance rather than speed is your thing, the Groove is one of the best scooters out there for achieving it, and you have four different color options to get there in style.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
20 mph35 miles per charge6 hours750-watt180 pounds250 pounds

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Jetson Electric Bike ($1,780+)

Jetson Electric Bike

Jetson took an aesthetically classic approach with their latest eBike series, but the underlying mechanics and 500-watt electric motor are anything but traditional. With a charge time of less than anhour, the Jetson eBike won’t bog you down with charge-related delays between trips. The electric scooter also allows you to partially recharge the battery by simply pedaling, but suffers from a rather mundane top speed of 20 mph. It is capable of hauling up to 375 pounds and going 40 miles on a single charge,which makesfor an enjoyable — albeit, rather slow — ride for two.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
20 mph30-40 miles per charge1 hour500-watt125 pounds375 pounds

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Mahindra GenZe 2.0 ($3,000)


GenZe unveiled its second-generation scooter earlier this year. The latest model, GenZe 2.0, starts at $3,000 and comes loaded with a plethora of handy features. One of the scooter’s real standouts is its7-inch touchscreen display anddigital speedometer, which allows you to switch between various performance options (Safe, Econ, Sport) while the vehicle isn’t in motion. The GenZe 2.0 also utilizes the touchscreen when starting, requiring drivers to input a four-digit PIN.

An on-board CAN bus continuously sends data to the company’s servers and the official companion app iOS and Android. Nearly95 variables are updated every five seconds, spanningeverything from engine temperature to the status of the built-in kickstand. An embedded GPS also allows you to locate your GenZe at anytime, and you can also receive an alert via the app if the scooter ever happens to exit a predetermined geographical range. It utilizes AT&T’s cellular networkwhen it cannot access Wi-Fi hot spots, too,at no additional cost.

There are plenty of practical features as well, including a pair of charging docks housed beneath the seat and an open cargo space in the rear for 75-pound loads. The GenZe 2.0’saluminum frame weighs in at a mere 232 pounds, too, though the low weight does not translate to increased speed. The paltry acceleration time — it can go from zero to 30 mph in 8 seconds —isn’t exactly telling of a white-knuckle experience, either. Read more here.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
30 mph30 miles3.5 hoursN/A232 pounds295 pounds

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Works Electric Rover BR2 ($5,950+)


With a price tag starting at $5,950, Works Electric’s BR2 is by far one of the most expensive electric scooters on the market. On the same token, the BR2 is also virtually unmatched in performance and technology. Brad Baker, owner of Works Electric and creator of the BR2, addressed the high price quite straightforwardly: “You want something cheaper, go buy something else.” With a powerful, 4000-watt ZM2 Brushless Drive System, a top speed of 35 mph, andthe ability to go from 0 to 30 mph in 4.1 seconds,Baker does have a point.The scooter’s30-mile range just seals the deal. Read more here.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
35 mph30 miles per charge5 hours4,000-watt79 pounds260 pounds

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Works Electric

Ecoreco S5 ($699+)

best electric scooters ecoreco s5

Lightweight and affordable, Ecoreco’s scooters come in a wide variety. The company’s newest addition — the Ecoreco S5 — is an urban commuter’s dream. Weighing in at 30 pounds and sporting a slim, collapsible chassis, finding a spot for it on the bus or under your desk won’t be a problem. With a customizable max speed of 7, 12, or 20 miles per hour, and a running distance of 10 to 20 miles per charge; this scooter will get you where you need to go quickly and reliably. With its included safe-start throttle, three stage braking, LED lights, and mounts for your gadgets; Ecoreco’s S5 is a great choice for anyone looking to hack their commute without breaking the bank.

Max SpeedMax DistanceCharge TimeMotor WattageWeightMax. Rider Capacity
20 mph10-20 miles per charge2-5 hours700-watt30 pounds250 pounds

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