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Thousands of pages indicate years of abuse for Adrian Jones

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Thousands of pages of social workers' records show someone was reporting or investigating allegations of abuse of 7-year-old Adrian Jones for most of his short life.

Despite lengthy records, dozens of follow up visits and safety plans, Adrian was never removed from his father and step-mother’s care.

Investigators believe Adrian died in September of 2015. In November of 2015, the boy’s step-mother, Heather Jones, told KCK detectives Adrian had died and his body was fed to pigs. She made that confession when she called police for help to protect her from Michael Jones. 

Starting in 2009, there were repeated investigations into Adrian’s biological mother who was accused of neglecting her children. The state of Kansas finally removed all of her children in 2011. Adrian was placed in the care of his father, Michael Jones.

Just months later, Kansas Department for Children and Families once again got involved in Adrian’s life in Topeka. There were reports Heather would choke the kids for not flushing the toilet, Adrian had bruises and scratches on his face and another sibling reportedly fell down the stairs. Adrian’s step-mother, Heather Jones, told police Adrian pushed the child down the stairs. However, both police and doctors didn’t believe the child’s injuries were consistent with a fall. Officers also noted Adrian’s possible abuse, even taking pictures of a black eye.

Heather’s biological child was removed and placed into foster care, never to return to the family. The other children remained in Michael Jones’ custody since the abuse allegation wasn’t against him. He also told social workers, Heather was no longer in the picture and wasn’t allowed to see his children.

According to a social worker’s notes, Topeka police closed their investigation into the abuse “due to not being able to locate her [Heather Jones].”

But Heather did eventually make it back into the family’s life. In April of 2012, a social worker noted Heather was calling her from Michael’s cell phone.

In July of 2012, Mike Jones pulled his children out of school and registered them as “home-schooled,” creating “The Mike Jones Academy.” The children wouldn’t return to public school and were hidden away from mandated reporters, such as teachers and school counselors. There is very little oversight and monitoring of home schools in Kansas.

The family bounced back and forth across the state line in 2013 and 2014, with active investigations in both states. Kansas and Missouri social workers contacted one another and even remarked on how hard it is to keep track of the transient family.

In August of 2013, it’s clear to Missouri social workers Heather is back in the family’s life. They interview her after yet another allegation of neglect and abuse. The worker even notes, “Family has significant prior history with other agencies.”

Both Michael and Heather admitted to the social worker, they locked Adrian into his room because of behavioral problems. Heather told the worker Adrian has threatened to kill her. Missouri Social Services helped the family create a safety plan and worked to give them better resources to address Adrian’s behavior. The social worker eventually closed the case noting, “Established through investigation, that abuse, neglect has not occurred but the family is experiencing problems, which if unresolved, could potentially contribute to abuse/neglect.” In the final case notes, the safety level was marked “safe” and the risk level marked “high.” The case is closed.

Just a few months later, Missouri social workers were back in contact with the Jones family. This time a report that Adrian is out of control, setting fires and eating food out of the trash can. When a worker made contact with Michael, he explained he was living in Kansas and trying to get help for Adrian. Missouri Social Services made contact with Kansas DCF. A note in Adrian’s Missouri file reads, “We shared concerns that this family seems to go back and forth between states and that Adrienne [sic] is in need of services for mental health.”

In March of 2014, the family enrolls Adrian in a “custody diversion program,” where he gets round the clock treatment. His parents make no effort to contact him while he’s in the program and refused to pick him when it was over. In the file, a program therapist is quoted saying, “Heather stated that at one point, due to Adrian’s behaviors, they were willing to take abandonment charges.” Michael eventually came and got Adrian after repeated calls by the program. The same therapist is also quoted saying, “Adrian has been a pretty easy kid to worth with.”

At the end of the file in Missouri, Adrian’s neglect risk score is a 7 which is high risk. His abuse risk score is a 9, considered very high risk. The case is closed.

Between March of 2014 and the fall of 2015, the family fell off the map. There were no social services or DCF records released to KCTV5 until November 25th 2015. That’s when officers were called to the home off North 99th Street for a domestic disturbance between Michael and Heather. Heather told detectives about the abuse, giving them access to more than seven-thousand files from the elaborate in-home surveillance system.

That evidence showed Michael and Heather kept Adrian confined to a shower for eight months. He ate, slept and used the bathroom in a small shower stall. Adrian had no comforts, such as a pillow or blanket. He was often restrained using handcuffs, shackles and belts. Heather admits to hitting and punching Adrian in the head frequently. There’s also evidence the two would use an electroshock weapon, similar to a Taser, on Adrian for extended periods of time.

In his final days, Heather said she believed Adrian was suffering from internal bleeding. He had severe swelling in his hands and feet and became unable to stand on his own. They put a lawn chair in the shower and belted him to it since he could no longer sit upright.

A quote from police in a search warrant says, “A.J. spent the last week of his life, naked, and strapped to the chair and secluded inside the shower.”

Michael Jones later told investigators, he knew Adrian was going to die. He didn’t want to take him to the hospital because he would be arrested for child abuse. The two looked at other options, such as nursing him back to health and seeking medical treatment or dropping him off at the hospital anonymously. They did neither.

Adrian died alone in the dark and cold shower stall he was forced to call home for eight months. Michael Jones had Heather secure pigs from Craigslist and fed the boy’s lifeless body to them. What was left over was put in a plastic tub and stored near a chicken coop near a shed.

They never buried the remains or provided any kind of memorial service.

Both Heather and Michael Jones pleaded guilty to Adrian’s murder. They’re both serving life sentences but can be eligible for parole after 25 years. Heather told KCTV5 in an interview, she participated in the abuse because she was a victim of abuse herself, domestic violence. She says she deserves her sentence because Adrian trusted her.

A source close to the case told KCTV5 the only people who didn’t fail Adrian where the detectives that investigated his murder.

Kansas DCF released a statement about Adrian’s case.

“Although our last physical contact with the Jones family was in 2012 while the family moved back and forth across state lines, DCF continued its efforts through 2014 to help protect Adrian and his siblings. Sadly, despite our efforts, this tragedy unfolded – the very worst possible outcome.”

If you suspect child abuse and neglect, say something. Call (800) 922-5330 in Kansas and (800) 392-3738 in Missouri.

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