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Family First: Couple sheds 160 lbs on 'caveman' diet

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Paul and Amanda Bratlie before... Paul and Amanda Bratlie before...
...and now. Together, they lost 160 pounds. ...and now. Together, they lost 160 pounds.

We often hear of fitness plans that could result in miracle weight loss, but a Shreveport couple found a plan they say is guaranteed to shed pounds.

The Paleo diet, often referred to as the "Caveman diet" is a stone age diet. The nutritional value is based on the ancient diet of wild plants and animals.

The Bratlie family says this diet has certainly changed their lives for the better.

"So we've cut out our wheat, our processed foods, sugars, dairy, soy, gluten and legumes. We do not eat legumes," says Amanda Bratlie.

Paul and Amanda Bratlie turned to the Paleo diet after Paul's brother was diagnosed with Chrons disease. Doctors recommended the Paleo diet to help ease his symptoms, since then he has seen significant improvement. Seeing his journey helped this couple to start their own.

They started the diet in early January, Paul weighing in at 293 lbs and Amanda at 246 lbs. 10 months later, Paul weighs 189 lbs and Amanda 190.

"I used to be on blood pressure medicine, I used to have an inhaler for asthma. One thing after the other," says Paul Bratlie, "I went to my doctor for a daily checkup a couple of months ago and he said wow you can scratch all this off the list. I love these kinds of visits."

The dramatic weight loss didn't come from a simple diet change. Their diet is paired with a tough cross fit workout 3-5 times a week. The couple even took their workout home, building pull up bars in their yard where even their children get in on the fitness action.

Eating this healthy does come with its pitfalls. For instance, the couple thought they would save more money by eating in. They were wrong. Eating clean and organic foods tend to cost more. The diet can also be tough when it comes to eating out at restaurants, since a lot of options aren't exactly steroid and antibiotic free.

But Paul and Amanda say the way they feel is a far better by-product than the weight loss.

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    Family comes first, and Thursdays on KSLA News 12 at 5, we focus on everything from health to self-defense and parenting. Click here to find stories that offer inspiration, ideas and information.More >
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