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Family livid after girl, 3, left behind at movies by daycare

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A Kansas City, KS, family is livid after a 3-year-old girl was accidentally left at a movie theater during a daycare outing.

Brielle Boone was found all alone in the bathroom at the Cinemark in Merriam, and her family wants to know how their little girl was unaccounted for two long, agonizing hours.

The toddler is back with her family after a harrowing day that would have traumatized most any child. She was left behind at this movie theatre in Merriam by her daycare providers during an afternoon trip.

"My heart dropped down to my feet. That is my firstborn, and I was devastated," Brielle's mother, Briana Grant, said.

The movie ended about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, and somehow Brielle was separated from the group. Another moviegoer found her in the bathroom and took her to a theater employee.

After the police went public, Brielle's daycare provider was found. The daycare provider was Back 2 Basics in Kansas City, KS.  Officers thanked the public for their assistance.

"How can you lose a baby at the movie theater? You can't do no head count, you can't do nothing? I don't understand what happened," Grant said.

Around that time, staffers from Back 2 Basics Learning Center, made contact with the theater and later picked up Brielle. But her mom says she was never told that her daughter was missing, even after a picture of Brielle appeared on TV.

"At the time they were lying to me, telling me that my daughter was with the daycare provider, Pamela," she said.

Brielle's grandmother, Carmen Harvest, also has questions as to how the provider did not notice her granddaughter was missing.

"It is amazing how they can just leave her and not even noticing she is gone until two hours later," Harvest said.

Back 2 Basics Learning Center was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

Officers are unclear as to whether criminal charges will be filed, but the investigation continues. Merriam police have contacted the state agency that licenses daycare providers about what happened Tuesday.

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