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All Purpose Laundry Stain Remover: For Kool-Aid, blood, chocolate or just any sort of stain, buy a small bottle of the original Dawn liquid dish soap. Apply it and if possible let it set overnight. Wash it the next day and all traces of the stain will be removed. Robin Fulkrod, Anderson, IN.
Simple Green! I use this on all laundry stains. It is much cheaper to buy than the stain removers in the grocery store. Just spray it on a stain and then throw in the washer. Lynn Tetreault
You can use Prell shampoo to remove stains like grass, blood, etc. on clothing. Just rub it in good before you throw the item in the washer. Penny, MI
To remove stains of all kinds, even red mud, just use Windex with ammonia. Kay Johnson, Prattville, AL
Liquid dish soap works on almost any clothing stain that hasn't been washed and dried yet, especially oil or butter stains. I don't use the more expensive laundry stain-removers any more. Just make sure you use light-colored dish soap, especially on light-colored fabrics. Robin Collett, VA


To get tough stains out of almost anything use Ajax Dish Liquid (Orchard fresh smells the best). Pre-treat the area with a moderate amount and let it set for about 5-10 minutes then wash inside out. Lana Bradshaw, MI


Spray 409 on clothes stains then wash. It works wonders
Jeanne, LA


In a spray bottle combine 1 part ERA liquid detergent, 1 part ammonia, and 1 part water. Shake well to mix. This formula works well on all stains, especially greasy ones! (Caution: avoid inhaling mixture; ammonia can be quite strong). Kathi Degitz, IN
I keep an expensive bar of Octagon soap next to my washer. I check clothes before putting in the washer and if I find any kind of spot, I rub the soap with water and rub on the clothes. Then put in the washer and wash as usual. You will be amazed at the results. The bar lasts forever. Wanda Weakley, VA
A product called Gonzo takes out every stain I have tried it on so far. It has no harmful odor and is kind to the hands. Just rub it in and wash as usual. Sheri Brooks, FL
I use Mean Green on all laundry stains.  It works great!  If it's a really bad stain, I spray it and let it sit for a little while. You can then wash away!  Thrasher, MO

(on Clothes, Carpets or Other Materials): Remove it with hydrogen peroxide. Just wet the stain with cold water then pour the peroxide on the material then rub it together. Let it set (do not let it set on some fabrics or colors). If it doesn't come out before your eyes repeat the procedure until it comes clean. You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush if needed. Be careful with silk and cashmere. Afterwards wash with cold water and detergent. Donna Sandoval, TX
Pour hydrogen peroxide and watch the bloodstain vanish. P. Martinez


Peroxide (in the brown bottle at the drug store) takes blood stains out of anything. Be a little careful because it is a very mild bleaching agent, so don't use the whole bottle for 1 spot. Kelly, OH
Regular table salt will soak up blood without damaging most fabrics. If the stain is dry, wet the area with a moist paper towel and sprinkle salt directly onto stain. Be careful not to scrub very hard on delicate fabrics. If the bloodstain is still wet, pour salt directly on and use a moist paper towel to pick up the salt. Repeat until the blood is gone. Courtney, NV


Wet the stain with warm water then scrub and soak it with Dove bar soap for a few minutes or longer. Rinse and repeat if necessary until blood is gone. It will your clothes smelling good too!
Jet Geronimo, CA


To remove blood out of almost anything use coca-cola. This really works.
Dab Coca-Cola on a wash cloth and rub the blood out.  Angie Brewer of MO

Colors: To avoid colors from running on new clothing, just soak in cold water and one-half cup of salt for 30 minutes. Works every time. M. Walker, GA
Have a white area that has a stain on an otherwise colored fabric? Use a Clorox Bleach pen to spot treat the area. Be careful that other parts of the colored part of the fabric does not touch the bleach. Once the stain fades, just hold the area under a faucet to let the water rinse through it. Michelle Smith, TX

Fabric Softener: Out of dryer sheets? Take a small palm size kitchen sponge and place in a tupperware container and pour in your liquid fabric softener to fill 3/4. Put the top on container and allow sponge to absorb softener a few minutes. Take sponge & place in your dryer instead of a dryer sheet. I recommend the new Downy Simple Pleasures Vanilla & Lavender. You will not find a better scent when you open that dryer! Kim Mestayer, LA
Alternative to adding fabric softener to rinse cyle or need for dryer sheets.  A real budget saving tip. Pour 1/4 cup of concentrated fabric softener in a spray bottle and fill with tap water. Spray 5 or 6 times onto wet clothing in dryer. Clothes will be soft without the static.  Big cost savings in this.  Kathy Bridges, AL

Fruit Stains: Pour a quart or more of boiling water from a height onto the stain as the garment rests in the sink. Jan Kruse, NE

Golf Shoes: The new Mr. Clean Eraser works great for cleaning the grass stains and ground in dirt off of golf shoes. Joann Campbell, TN

Grass and Clay Stains: To get red clay and grass stains out add about 1/4 cup of Cascade dishwasher detergent to your wash along with your laundry detergent. It works great! Meta Ward, NC

Grass Stains: Spray the grass stains with pure lemon juice and hang in the direct sun light. This will work on both white and colored clothes and not discolor your clothing. Denise Thompson
Place a dab of dawn dish washing liquid over the stain on the dry garment, let stand about 5-10 minutes and wash as usual. No extra stain removers/pre-washer to buy. Graciela Garcia, TX

Grease Stains: To remove most greasy laundry stains (shirt collars, lipstick, food), apply dish washing liquid onto stain and rub in gently before tossing into washer. A recycled (re labeled) pull-top water bottle works well as a small container. Alice Pockalny, CA
To take a food grease stain out of a blouse or shirt. Before washing put a little bit of talcum powder (baby powder) on the stain and let it set for a day or so, over this time the powder absorbs the oil. If the stain still exists then repeat. Lisa, KY
Hairspray is great for removing oil stains in clothes. Spray; let it sit for a few minutes, then wash. Darlene Rupert, Ontario Canada
Sprinkle cornstarch on the spot then rub it in. Then wash as usual. M. Delaney
Add 1/2 can of Coke to your wash. It takes the grease right out. For heavy grease stains, pour Coke directly on the grease stain, let stand for a few minutes, then wash. La Brown, MO


Use a small amount of Pantene Shampoo on the spot. Use enough to cover the spot then rub it in then wash. This also works well on sneakers. L. Delk, SC

I use carburetor cleaner on all grease spots. Just spray a small amount and it will lift the grease out. I have even used it on a good white shirt with great results. Sharon Rucker, IL
I use GOOP hand cleaner on laundry stains, just rub some into fabric while dry, let set about 30 minutes, and then wash. I work in a deli and get a lot of grease on my shirts, this takes it ALL out! Tinna Mann, MO

Gum: Place clothing in the freezer for approximately one hour. Remove the garment and gum will pop right off with fingernail. Glenda Rodenbaugh

Ink Stains: Pour a little rubbing alcohol and then rub a
little liquid laundry soap or Dawn dish washing liquid into the stain. Do NOT use on dry-clean only items.


If you have permanent ink on fabric, spray hair spray on it and then wash. This works with most fabrics. - Thomas, IN

Ironing: Iron the back of your shirt collar first and the front will iron out flat with no wrinkles in it.
Barbara S., Jonesboro, AR

Leather Tennis Shoes: Use a shoe brush and some Barbasol shaving cream then rinse and dry. They will look like new. Ann Wagner, CA

Lipstick Stains
: To remove lipstick smudges from your clothes simply spray the stain with your favorite aerosol hairspray, then wash. Dusti, SC

Mildew: Rub Pine Sol into your garment, let it sit for a few minutes and then wash. Works well with sheets and blankets. Betty Thomas, NC

Odor Removal: To remove odors from clothing, add approximately 1-2 cups of white vinegar to the wash. (Works great for baby spit ups and pet messes.) Sue Sullivan, RI

Oil Stains: Oil stains will come out by rubbing lighter fluid on the stain as soon as it happens. The fluid helps lift the oil. Vanessa, TX

Rust Stains: Make a damp paste of lemon juice and salt. Thoroughly dab the paste on rust spot then place the clothing in the sunlight until the paste is dry the wash as usual. K. Ryden

Smelly Clothes: I put 1 cup of baking soda in my husbands' work clothes, along with detergent then launder. If they smell bad it will take the odor out and it also helps clean them. Janice Evans, NC

Shirt Collar: Dampen collar and rub in shampoo, then launder. What removes oil and dirt from hair, will remove it from the collar. Cecelia Mattingly, IN

Softer Sweaters: When laundering sweaters use shampoo, rinse, and then
add conditioner, and then rinse again. The fabric stays soft longer and no static when taking it on and off. Cecelia Mattingly IN

Socks: Hate to sort socks? Constantly missing just one? Purchase laundry garment bags, the mesh kind with zipper or draw string. Have each family member put his or her own socks in a bag. When there are enough, toss bag in washer, then dryer, and then given to their rightful owner. Katie Adams, OH
Never lose a sock again. Keep a box of safety pins in bedrooms and bathrooms and pin socks together. You will never have to sort socks again. Shelly, MI
Before discarding out clean white out-of-shape athletic socks, cut them straight down from the top to the end of the foot and use them as heavy duty clean cloths arouund the house...they are great!!! and very absorbent.  Janice McAdory

Stains (General): Rub blue Dawn Liquid Detergent straight onto the spot and wash it in the washing machine. Do not use hot water or the hot dryer until the stain comes out. The heat with set the stain. Sometimes it takes 2 washings to come out, but it always does. Linda, NV
Fill a spray bottle with water and mix on cap of Downy laundry softener. Spray the mix on stain and scrub with warm rag then dry. Not only does it remove the stain but it also makes your room smell nice. B. Carter
To remove stains from clothes (even those set in stains), spray Grease Lightening or Mean Green (both of which can be bought at most Wal-Marts) on the stain. Let it soak for about 20-30 minutes before washing. Wash as you normally would. It works on most types of fabrics and is great on baby clothes with spit-up stains. Stephanie, MS
When you have a stain on an article of clothing and you can't treat it immediately, tie the article in a knot so you don't forget to treat it before washing.  Carolyn Clary, MO

Difficult-to-Clean Items: For items that can not be washed such as heavy jackets and hand-woven quilts that get musty or otherwise unpleasant smell: Fill a spray bottle with vodka and apply to article. Don't douse the garment, just spritz all over. Any vodka works, and the smell dissapates as soon as the liquid dries. I'm not sure about color fastness, so test on a small unseen corner before using all over. It's used on Broadway when costumes often can't be washed at all. Rebecca Purcell, AL

White Socks and Underwear: Use a dishwasher tablet or the liquid dish soap. Use the hot setting on your washer and put your white articles of clothing in and run the cycle. Donna H., TN.

Whites (looking dirty): Use 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Run a load of water, and pour baking soda and vinegar in water alone with detergent. Mix, then add the clothes. It will take the iron out. Tina Collier, KY.
Family Dollars antibacterial bathroom cleaner, spray on stains and throw in washer! Cheap, fast and easy. Betty Holmes
If you get a stain on anything of "White" colored material, just cut a lemon in half,  squeeze out the liquid on the spot.  Work the juice into the material then add a bit of liquid detergent.  The stain will be gone.  Darla Purohit, OH

White Tennis Shoes: Just clean them using scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner. They will look new again.


To clean white tennis shoes use Shout and it will take the dirt right off. Shanta Rogers

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