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7 financial management must-do's for new graduates

Follow these steps to make the most of your money as you launch your next step in life


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6 ways you can plan a debt-free summer vacation

Vacation season doesn’t have to break your budget if you plan ahead


How to say no to your boss

To create a good work-life balance, you might have to learn to say no to your bosses.


6 things the world’s best athletes can teach you about getting out of debt

Follow Olympic athletes’ examples to crunch your budget, achieve your goals


6 ways to eliminate painful holiday debt

Now is the time to kick a financial holiday hangover – and prepare for next year


7 year-end financial tasks to get in a better financial position

Honest evaluation, smart planning can help you get out, and stay out, of debt


9 steps to take to continue recovering from fire, flood or hurricane

What to do if you’re still recovering from a disaster


8 ways to make this year's Thanksgiving debt-free and delicious

Hosting the holiday meal doesn’t have to be hard on the wallet


7 things not to do when you review your credit report

One in five consumers find mistakes; here’s how to fix credit report errors


8 steps to a more secure retirement

Take a good look at your future during National Retirement Security Week


5 Baby steps to avoid bigger-than-baby debt

Before your family expands, make a realistic assessment of your wallet


How to safeguard your credit after the Equifax breach

11 ways to keep financial information safer


The holidays are coming. Is your wallet ready?

11 ways for 11 weeks to plan for a debt-free holiday


How to prepare your finances for a natural disaster

Keeping records, paperwork and other resources at the ready offers peace of mind


What happens to debt when you die?

8 things to know about death and debt – and how to plan now to avoid burdening loved ones


Financial recovery after Harvey: what you need to know

8 steps to take in Hurricane Harvey’s wake – or keep on hand for a future disaster


5 personal loan traps - and how to avoid them

What to watch for when selecting the right debt consolidation or other personal loan


6 things debt collectors may not want you to know

What to do when a collections agency starts calling


Back-to-school means getting smart about credit and debt

Take this quiz before you take action on debt


7 ways to manage pet expenses

Plan ahead for costs of pet ownership during the dog days of summer


7 Things to know about applying for a personal loan

Understand these facts if you are considering a personal loan for debt consolidation or other uses


4 ways to forgive yourself for money mistakes

How to chart a new course for common financial regrets


When is a personal loan a smart choice?

6 questions to help you decide if a personal loan is a good idea to consolidate your debt


9 ideas to make your own debt-free summer fun

When summer heats up, spending doesn’t have to. Avoid piling up new bills and debt this summer with these nine suggestions for frugal fun.


5 quick questions to ask for a mid-year money checkup

Yes-or-no questions can help spot where 2017 financial plans need tune-ups


Don't wait for a money transfer in Venmo - Just use its debit card

Venmo is looking for new ways to stay relevant and create revenue, and a physical debit card may be the way to go.


How to spend your first paycheck

The bad news: It’s probably smaller than you expected. The good news: It can still take you far


Look out, Zelle — PayPal is also touting a new instant bank transfer feature

PayPal's new instant transfer feature is a clear attempt to stay competitive with Zelle, a rival service that's only been around for a few weeks.


This year, make your summer vacation debt-free

Have a truly relaxing vacation by planning an affordable getaway


4 things your father wants you to know about money and debt

On Father’s Day, June 18, children can benefit from Dad’s experience


Is your romance a match in love and money?

7 money questions to answer before you say 'I do'


5 Ways military widows and dependents can use benefits wisely

This Memorial Day, honor your loved one by taking care of your family and resources


Everything you need to know about Android Pay

Android Pay launches PayPal support, could see Canadian release next week


How smart are you about your credit score?

As final exams end, check scores with this real-life test


How to prioritize your post-graduation debt

From student loans to credit cards, what to pay first when you start adulting


8 Ways to save money on your commute

During National Bike Month, help your wallet by changing how you get to work or school


Celebrate Earth Day by keeping money in your pocket

These 6 tips can save hundreds of dollars – and lighten the planet’s load


Uses, pros and cons of getting a personal loan

How personal loans can help you manage debt and other expenses.


Child going to college? How to preserve your financial future

Check off these money to-do’s to avoid excessive student debt.


A beginner’s guide to applying for financial aid

10 things to know when seeking financial assistance for college


Are you a candidate for debt negotiation?

How to know if negotiating your credit card debt is right for you.


How to protect yourself from identity theft

Take 7 steps to defend your credit from today’s biggest consumer crime 


7 Ways millennials can master the get-out-of-debt struggle

How to gain control of your finances and master your worries about debt


Are you paying off debt the wrong way?

8 poor choices when you’re trying to get out of debt


What’s the best way to pay off your debt?

6 questions to ask about balance transfers and personal loans


12 simple ways to improve next year’s finances now

A year-end checklist can streamline money management, maximize tax deductions and reduce debt


9 Holiday expenses that are easy to forget

Plan ahead for these costs so the holidays do not drive you into debt.


8 holiday spending mistakes to cross off your list

This year, plan to avoid these errors and come out ahead after the holidays.


6 debt negotiation myths

What you need to know about debt negotiation if you are seeking help. 


6 tips for debt-free Black Friday shopping

How to plan a holiday shopping strategy that leaves a clean plate and a clean credit car.


5 ways to focus on gratitude, not spending, this Thanksgiving

How to celebrate the holiday while reducing costs, debt and stress.


Is a personal loan right for you?

6 keys to understanding if you are a good candidate for a debt consolidation or other personal loan.


5 ideas for Halloween fun that won’t scare your wallet

US consumers will spend $83 each on Halloween; how not to spend more than your share.


6 habits of millionaires anyone can learn

Do yourself a financial favor by following in the footsteps of the wealthy


5 things to know about your debt negotiation partner

6 years later, consumers struggling with debt still benefit from 2010 FTC debt relief rule change


7 ways educators can earn straight A’s in money-management

For World Teacher Day, Oct. 5, how to build finances along with a teaching career.


9 things to know about debt consolidation loans

How you can use online lending to refinance credit card debt 


7 ways to prepare for a financial emergency

Give yourself financial peace of mind by preparing savings, paperwork and more.


7 ways to avoid credit card late fees

Save money, improve your credit profile, lower stress with these tips.


This Labor Day, ensure you are making the most of your finances

Take advantage of job benefits to help get out of debt and get ahead.


Is your bank overcharging you? 8 questions to ask

Take charge of bank and credit union fees to avoid going overboard with overdraft, ATM fees.


5 money rules when parents are your roommates

As record numbers of young adults live at home, how parents and millennials can find financial harmony.


8 money questions couples need to ask

What to discuss to start off on the right financial foot.


7 ways to take your budget back to school

How to budget for books, fees and debt-free finances as the school year approaches


What you should know about new and traditional credit scores

6 things to know about FICO scores, VantageScore and alternative credit evaluation tools.


7 ways to protect yourself financially in a divorce

How to guard against debt, and recover after a marriage ends.


3 reasons for Millennials to use credit cards

Why avoiding use of credit can backfire in the long run.


Financial lessons from the Founding Fathers for the 4th of July

6 pieces of advice for financial independence from the first leaders of the United States


Can an online lender help solve your money troubles?

8 questions to ask when you are thinking about borrowing to get out of debt.


7 ways to declutter your debt

How to apply the art of tidying to your finances, and really clean up.


5 ways dads can hurt kids’ finances when they want to help

This Father’s Day, teach kids money savvy by setting a great example.


7 ways to set yourself up for a financially successful roommate relationship

Before co-signing a lease, lay the groundwork for sharing bills and space.


Mark Military Appreciation Month with money advice for servicemen and women

7 ways for active military and veterans to improve their financial savvy


How to keep child care debt-free this summer

With summer vacation just around the corner, thousands of families are scrambling to figure out how to keep their children supervised and entertained throughout the summer. 


What mothers can teach their kids about money

For Mother’s Day, what we can learn from women about financial planning.


4 things to know about money now, for boomers and beyond

During National Financial Literacy Month, take a close look at savings, debt and budget.


6 things Gen Xers should do now to boost their financial future

National Financial Literacy Month tips for the generation that suffered most during the Great Recession.


7 steps to help millennials boost their financial well-being

Millennials score low on money tests; kick your knowledge up a notch for National Financial Literacy Month.


9 steps to helping kids and teens become financially savvy

Kick off National Financial Literacy Month with ways to teach money smarts to young people.


Why to start saving for retirement in your 20s (or even earlier)

6 ways to build up retirement savings even while you pay down debt.


How to purchase a home in a competitive market

8 ways to prepare yourself and your finances for buying a home this spring


Leap Day financial touchstones

7 money-managing tasks to check in on every four years.


Understand how different methods to pay down debt impact your credit profile

8 considerations for getting out of debt and rebuilding your credit.


How do you know when you are ready for a credit card?

5 milestones to help young adults learn to build credit without building up debt


How to decorate your home on a budget

9 ways to skip debt and ramp up on style for your house or apartment.


How to build emergency savings no matter what

9 ways to add to your emergency savings when you have no money to spare


The 10 commandments of personal finance

Start the New Year right by setting money rules you can live by.


Recovering from a holiday spending hangover

6 ways to save your credit profile and get out of debt.


10 steps to secure your finances before you travel

How to keep your money safe before leaving home.


10 ways to protect yourself from online fraud

Take precautions to protect your financial security online, during holidays and beyond.


8 ways to plan for debt-free holiday gift shopping

Smart holiday shoppers can save big by planning ahead leading up to Black Friday.


How to protect your child’s credit

7 steps for parents and guardians to safeguard minors from identity theft. More>>

How to choose the best payment method for your purchases

Tips for how to decide on cash, loan or credit, prepaid or traditional, when you buy. More>>

How to save on kids' birthday celebrations

7 ways to avoid going into debt as offspring age -- and teach financial lessons at the same time. More>>

How to know when you’re ready to buy a home

Check out these 7 traits of people who are well prepared for home ownership. More>>

How to update your fall wardrobe without going into debt

5 ways to decide whether clothes-shopping is a good investment now. More>>

Why having a credit card can be a good thing

7 tips to help understand how to manage credit for a better financial outlook. More>>

Go back to school without going into debt

7 spending-conscious ways to send kids back to school. More>>

Put your financial life on autopilot -- and find peace of mind

7 ways to avoid late fees, overage charges and excess debt. More>>

Financial prep school for college-bound students

10 ways to get an A in student debt management. More>>

Understanding the pros and cons of debt relief

Here are the key things you need to know about debt negotiation, credit counseling and debt consolidation. More>>

Mid-year money checkup

6 ways to re-commit to the financial resolutions you might have forgotten.


6 things to know before your Home Equity payment comes due

Home equity lines of credit are entering the repayment period for millions of homeowners.


6 steps to make the most of the economic recovery

With interest rates projected upward this year, now is the time to plan your financial freedom.


7 steps to successful single-parent budgeting

What single mothers and fathers need to know to plan their family's financial freedom.


Prioritize your debts to pay off bills the smart way

5 steps to becoming debt-free as painlessly as possible.


10 tips for debt-free dating

How to meet your match without blowing your budget.


8 steps you can take to go green and save money

Save hundreds of dollars -- and benefit the planet -- with these easy energy fixes.


9 ways to work out without wearing out your bank account

Frugal fitness finds can put being active within reach of any budget.


7 things to know about refinancing credit card debt

How to understand whether refinancing credit card debt into a personal loan is right for you.


The company you're keeping on Facebook could affect your credit score

There are a number of valid reasons why you need to keep watch of the people you add and keep on Facebook. More lending outlets are turning to checking social connections online to evaluate people's loan eligibility. More>>

Save money for Mother's Day, or any day

Whether you've always wanted to take mom to Mexico or splurge on a day at the spa, here are some easy tips for saving up dinero for Mother's Day and all year round! More>>

"Scrooge Index" shows that New York is America's least charitable city

America's richest communities have been cross-referenced with how much, or little, those who live there give to charity. If you're looking for donations, you may want to avoid New York. More>>

4 tips for a tough summer job market

If you're a high school or college student looking for work in the coming months, here's some tips on how to make your own form of employment, whether you're looking to pad your resume or line your pocketbook. More>>

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